With the Sarawee Village Location being prime land for real estate development, we have already sold many of the 65 lots. SARAWEE BELIZE PROPERTIES aims to create a micro-industry focused on fruit juicing and organic fruit and vegetable manufacturing. This will bring employment opportunities to the village and surrounding communities and contribute to the local economy.

24 Quater Acre Lots

$20,000 USD

1 - Three Quarter Acre Lot

$80,000 USD

person holding green flower bud
person holding green flower bud
2 -Half Acre Lots

$35,000 USD

This is the site survey of 20 acres of 65 titled lots.

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Real Estate

Developing residential and commercial properties in the Sarawee Village Location, creating a vibrant and sustainable community.

close view of brown wooden shed
close view of brown wooden shed

Expanding real estate development to neighboring communities, contributing to regional growth and development.


Successfully completed real estate projects that have transformed the Sarawee Village Location into a thriving hub.


Exciting real estate projects in the pipeline, bringing new opportunities and growth to the Sarawee Village Location.